Total Colon Cleanse Capsules

Product Ref: QR0005


Product Category - Detox / Cleanse

Product reference - Traditionally used for

*Support intestinal cleansing and digestive transit
*Colon cleanse & well-being
*Also used to run alongside weight loss plans
*Fast-acting natural colon cleanse
*Constipation / irregularity


Composition / Ingredients per capsule

Aloe Vera (from extract) 6000mg
Rhubarb Root (from extract) 4500mg
Barberry Bark Powder 120mg
Vegetable Cellulose Capsule 90mg
Cayenne Powder 60mg
Dandelion Root (from extract) 60mg
Fennel Seed Powder 60mg
Ginger Root Powder 60mg
Raspberry Leaf Powder 60mg
Glucomannan 90% 50mg

Recommended dosage & directions

Take 1 or 2 capsules 1 to 3 times per day

Quantity per tub

100 capsules

Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes

Additional information

A well-known and respected detox / cleanse product which uses a combination of popular ingredients used extensively by many detox / cleanse retreats & natural health therapists for colon cleanse & well-being.
No added: sugar, salt, preservative, wheat, gluten, lactose, dairy, colours, fillers or flavours.

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